sarah bonner

Hi i'm Sarah and I've lived in London for the past six years. My working background since moving to London has been in window displays, graphics, event design, pop up stores and retail management. Three months ago I left my full time job and started working with my partner as a freelance 3D visualiser. I've always been interested in composition and photography and being a visualiser is the perfect mix. I'm really drawn to the idea of creating 3D worlds where you can escape and create your own reality. Working in 3D is great because it allows me to try out my ideas in a space without actually physically having any. In the long term I'd love to bring my designs into the real world .. but for now my goal is to get better at texturing!

Living in London is great for creative inspiration and I'd particularly like to recommend Camille Walala's exhibition at NOW gallery (Free, ends 24th September). It's so colourful and fun, it makes you forget how dull the real world is.


zohra o'doherty

My name is Zohra O'Doherty, I’m six feet tall, and was born to an Irish mother and Libyan father in Brazil 28 years ago. I moved to London three months ago, after living in Los Angeles for four years, and Paris before that for two years. I never know what to say when people ask what my hobbies are, as it usually depends on where I'm living at the time. 

In Paris, I worked too much, so spent most of my free time drinking wine, eating cheese and smoking cigarettes. In Los Angeles, I fell in love with nature and spent my weekends hiking and camping. Since moving to London, I walk everywhere to explore my new city and have switched from listening to audiobooks stuck in traffic, to reading actual books on the tube.

With an ever-changing environment, I find having little rituals keeps me sane. Whether it’s taking the time to put on body lotion and cuticle oil after my morning shower, to looking forward to my cup of coffee before work, or making a proper breakfast after doing my weekly chores and watering my plants on a Saturday morning, I love growing older, as I learn how to better take care of myself, as well as those around me.

I'm very passionate about mental health, and incorporating some form of activity into my daily routine has worked wonders for warding off anxiety and depression and creating a content state of mind overall. I like to mix it up and might go for a jog around the park one day, work out at my friend's gym the next, or light my candles and do some Yoga with Adriene before bed.

Whether you're a working mum or busy student, I truly believe that allowing yourself a moment of alone time to take a breather and recharge is time well spent. I soon realised that in my gypsy life of moving from one city to the next and often leaving cherished friends behind many miles away, I had to learn to enjoy my own company. But once you have your set of simple pleasures that brighten up your week, soon enough you find it’s not that hard to become your own best friend.

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